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Hanson wade has taken the decision to cancel this meeting.

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When you look across the treatment landscape of prostate cancer, you see many different types of therapeutics available with proven clinical efficacy including anti-androgens, chemotherapy, PARP-inhibitors, immunotherapy, and radiopharmaceuticals. But clearly there is more work to do to understanding optimal timing, sequencing, and potential combination strategies. 

Whether you are developing SARDs, PARP inhibitors, or targeting PSMAs, ADCs, or bispecific antibodies for the treatment of prostate cancer, attend this meeting to accelerate the understanding of prostate cancer biology, discuss novel, cutting edge targeted therapies, and overcome common challenges with the current clinical treatment landscape for prostate cancer.

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Here's a sneak peek of the takeaways from attending this meeting:

  • Join Poseida Therapeutics, NIH, Novartis, Harpoon Therapeutics and Amgen as they explore the role of immunotherapy for the treatment of prostate cancer
  • Discover radioligand therapy as an effective treatment for advanced prostate cancer with Novartis/Advanced Accelerator Applications
  • Optimize strategies for overcoming the immunosuppressive prostate tumor microenvironment with University of Texas, MD Anderson Cancer Center
  • Assess with Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre the opportunities and challenges for T-cell directed therapies in prostate cancer
  • Join University of Tennessee Health Science Center examine next-generation small molecule inhibitors, degraders of androgen receptor (AR) and AR-splice variant

Sounds interesting? Download our official agenda to see the session details and our speaker faculty with the likes of  AmgenBristol-Myers Squibb, Novartis and Noxopharm.