Accelerate the Development of Safe & Effective, Novel Drugs, Sequences & Combinatorial Therapies for Prostate Cancer

Meet industry & academia focused on genito-urinary oncology
The inaugural Prostate Cancer Drug Development Summit is the only industry-led meeting uniting large pharma, biotech and pioneering academics with the ambitious objective of accelerating the clinical development of safe and effective therapies to treat prostate cancer.


Discuss challenges and opportunities of different therapies and combination treatments
As we gather the best minds in the field, gain scientific insights into the biology and latest industry/academic advancements of effective blockbuster immunotherapy, targeted therapy drugs and combination treatments for prostate cancer.  

We will discuss how to tackle specific and applied drug development challenges limiting effective therapies. This includes navigating cancer heterogeneity, determining efficacy and clinically meaningful endpoints along with overcoming drug resistance

Prostate Cancer Important Dates

Network and forge collaborations within the industry

Brought directly to your home office with a jam-packed agenda and online virtual networking opportunities with 80+ prostate cancer experts, this exclusive virtual summit will delve into the common challenges with developing effective treatments for prostate cancer patients. 

With the likes of Amgen, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Novartis and Noxopharm, join this intimate, industry-led forum to not only learn from those pioneering the field, but to network and build meaningful partnerships. 

Among The Expert Speaker Faculty

Hear Why Our Attendees Are Excited About Joining This Summit:

"This meeting, which is well-timed, will discuss the cutting-edge prostate cancer drugs that will potentially advance to the clinic in the near future"

Professor, Department of Medicine & Director of Center for Cancer Drug Discovery, UTHSC

"A forum such as this which showcases the biotechnology behind the latest safe and efficacious potential treatments for mCRPC cancer is of global importance"

Chief Executive Officer & Founder, Noxopharm

Prostate Cancer Important Dates